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WIP: Palazzo Rucellai - Florenz

Modell des Palazzo Rucellai in Florenz.
Ursprünglich war es nur als Clayrender gedacht, ich werde aber weiter daran arbeiten.
Alle Materialien sind prozedural generiert.

Model of the Palazzo Rucellai in Florence.
Originally it was intended as Clayrender, but I'll keep working on the project.
All materials are procedural generated.

Lars ploger 10 wire

Wireframe - Front

Lars ploger 10

Clay - Front

Lars ploger 10 pers wire

Wireframe - Perspective

Lars ploger 10 pers

Clay - Perspective

Lars ploger 10 detail 05

Detailshot top

Lars ploger 10 detail 04

Detailshot top middle

Lars ploger 10 detail 03

Detailshot middle

Lars ploger 10 detail 02

Detailshot middle bottom

Lars ploger 10 detail 01

Detailshot bottom

Lars ploger material03

First materials - complete procedural

Lars ploger material01


Lars ploger material01 bump

Testrendering - only bump

Lars ploger material06

Full Front with the basic material, next step: sculpting...